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    Call for Entries: WAFL 90-second Smartphone movie festival - Deadline April 25th for a May1st festival

    Lin See a fun 3 minute interview with WAFL jury president Suki Medencevic ASC, about "Why WAFL?" Still have over two weeks to make your 90-second movie! (Read the 4 simple rules at k
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    List your Webcast and other Call for Entries and Events so much. All of us are tired of these online meetings. I remember we organized a big movie party for all who love vintage cinematography. It was so marvelous. We have called more than 50 people because we have ordered outdoor cinema screen hire. We are waiting to repeat it as soon as...
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    Call for Entries: WAFL 90-second Smartphone movie festival - Deadline April 25th for a May1st festival

    ...$697 via the IFH academy website - see bottom of page) -The 2021 Jury prize winner will receive: > Light and Face: the art of Cinematography, from IFH Academy. Taught by WAFL jury president Suki Medencevic ASC, this film brings major motion picture know-how to films of any budget...
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    The virtual presentation of the 35th American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography takes place on April 18, 2021. Awards for feature film, documentary and television cinematography will be handed out in seven categories (For a full list of...
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    Site with stock videos

    Hello friends, I'd like to present you It is a searchable collection of unique video footages for your film, website, ads or any video project. It has 19 daily updated categories and provides cinematographers and designers with access to thousands of high quality videos...
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    ASC Nominees Announced

    The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has announced its nominees for feature film, documentary and television cinematography. Winners will be named during the 35th ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards on April 18. The virtual ceremony will be live streamed via American Cinematographer’s...
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    American Society of Cinematographers Announces Student Heritage Award Winners

    ...named Saturday night (February 27) during a virtual presentation. Three student filmmakers were chosen for demonstrating exceptional cinematography skills in their submitted work. ASC cinematographers Paul Atkins, Tommy Maddox-Upshaw and David Stockton presented the awards alongside ASC...
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    Fraction of second before landing

    ...(IF ANY):no LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE:student Please see my photo in full brightness 😁 This photo was taken with the help of 1/28000 second shutter speed ❣️.I am studying cinematography(3rd year) in a film institute which was mentioned above in the location where the photo...
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    This advertisement is mind blowing 🤯

    The cinematography and lighting in this really inspired me!!!
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    Cinematography of 'Mank' - depth of field

    Did anyone else notice this variable depth of field effect in 'Mank'? The depth of field changes and makes the background blurry in one shot without changing exposure. Who knows how this is done?
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    Conversation with Peter Stein, ASC

    ...working on a wide variety of films from horror classics to children’s comedies to incisive documentaries. Beginning his career in cinematography with one of the highest grossing films of 1981, Friday the 13th Part 2, Mr. Stein has worked his way through some of the seminal horror movie...
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    "There Is No Such Thing As Video Lighting" by M. David Mullen, ASC, or by watching your favorite movie on DVD. Congratulations to M. David Mullen, ASC on winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (One Hour), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, “Simone”. ( David Mullen, ASC, was an Independent...
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    "Love the Look: And Leave Your Spot Meter at Home" by Thomas Ackerman, ASC

    ...pursue their craft with any number of irritating distractions. After all they are citizens of the Digital Age, in the course of which cinematography reinvents itself on a daily basis. At one time, say twenty-five years ago, a Director of Photography might choose from the instruments housed...
  14. Roy Wagner on Studio 14 cat walk at Fox Studios.JPG

    Roy Wagner on Studio 14 cat walk at Fox Studios.JPG

    Roy Wagner on Studio 14 cat walk at Fox Studios.JPG
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    iPhone Cinematography

    iPhone Cinematography Written by John Klein As most film productions have been effectively postponed by the pandemic, I thought it might be beneficial to discuss options available to us as storytellers and cinematographers from the comfort of our phones. (Fair bias on my end: I use exclusive...
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    Cinematography for Interviews: 7 Best Practices - Written by John Klein

    Cinematography for Interviews: 7 Best Practices - Written by John Klein Here are the 7 Best Practices at a glance. (# 1.) Depth is key. (# 2.) Turn all the lights off when you arrive in the space. (# 3.) Simple backdrops solve problems. (# 4.) A little soft light goes a long way. (# 5.)...
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    "Into The Unknown" Best of 2018 Showreel

    Select shots from projects filmed over the course of 2018. Music: White Flashes - "Into The Unknown"
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    Researching your Subject after New Year celebrations, meditations, and rest. Here are two awesome articles related to RESEARCH for film or story: Great Cinematography Begins with Inspiration and Research By David Landau...
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    What is the different between Cinematography and Videography

    Cinematography is more about giving people a moving experience. Whereas, Videography is about showing people an experience that (A) they already had, or (B) that they want to have.
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    What is the different between Cinematography and Videography

    I think I should have said digital cinematography and not videography. Can we say typo! However, it's kinda a mute thing now because 99% of the movies are now made digitally. It's all digital cinematography.