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    NUMERO 7 - "Don't be scared to miss the penalty kick"

    HI guys, I'm back with a new short film! It was written, shot and edited in just a couple days, yet we are quite happy with the results. A sunny, warm afternoon inspired us so we decided to create something that could cheer up and spread some hope during these hard times :) As always, I would...
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    Audio unsynced when using bluetooth speaker

    Hello guys, I'm trying to figure out why my audio is not synced with the video when I connect a bluetooth speaker to my PC. Played from the computer's speakers, headphones, and Youtube they are perfectly synced, but I always get 0.5 second delay with my JBL speaker. This doesn't happen with...
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    [Docu-video] Acro Modern LAB | Feel like taking on the challenge?

    Hello everyone, the latest video I have created is about the project I have been carrying on for the last 2 years, along with my wife. After working together as an acrobat and as a dancer around the world for many years, we have been very busy with these intensive workshops on the fusion between...
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    "Aroha" - A New Zealand Travel Short Film

    Hello everybody, my name is Alberto and I'm an acrobat from Venice, Italy, with a passion for videomaking and travelling. During my latest tour in New Zealand I was lucky enough to be able to thoroughly explore this jaw-dropping country with my wife and to test my new filming gear. New Zealand...