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  1. CherishAllLife

    Orchestral Cue - Virtual Scoring

    Greetings All~ Thought I'd share a personal project of mine in between (other) projects I do. Decided to compose a straight up action cue meant The desert? Rooftop fight? Who knows, let me know what you think~! Always striving for an organic/ authentic performance of instruments...
  2. CherishAllLife

    Tailored Composing

    Greetings all~ I felt compelled to post this, as I have been seeing a lot of this articles being posted here regarding this. To be clear, I do not personally have anything against stock/library/royalty free music. It serves the exact purpose it needs to, especially with time sensitive...
  3. CherishAllLife

    New Composer

    Greetings All~ I just discovered this website, looks wonderful so far! Just wanted to post an introduction, I am a composer always seeking a new project to be apart of. I primarily write orchestral and am fond of the 1970's through 1990's film music in particular. Any who, below is a link to...