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    How Much Should You Spend On Camera Equipment; Hobbyist vs Pro!

    Cameras are expensive and can be an extravagant purchase depending on what you are purchasing. In addition to the camera itself, there are endless accessory options to make you a better photographer and these accessories range in price from a few dollars to a few thousand! For example, sometimes...
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    Best Locations in New York for Spring Blooming Season

    It’s been a long winter and everyone desperately awaits the moment when we can walk outside in a light sweater and watch the world begin to spring to life around us. What better way to enjoy spring then to stroll through some of the amazing gardens that New York City has to offer? Read ahead for...
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    4 Reasons Why Video Sells Your Products Better Than Anything Else

    You have a website, you have social media, and you have a product to sell. Now you need to know what’s next. If your answer isn’t, promotional videos, you are missing out on your marketing strategies. Here are 4 reasons why videos sell your product better than anything else Read more.....
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    Ultimate Guide To Fashion Photography

    Fashion Photography as a niche is ever-changing and evolving. It is a fast-paced environment that requires a vast amount of skill and adaptability because as a market it is quite competitive. Becoming an expert fashion photographer means years of patience and time dedicated to learning your...
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    How do you Inject Personality into your Brand?

    Is anyone Interested? let's do some discussion.
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    How Branding Can Drive the success of Your Marketing?

    Hi, I'm Baris Let's do some discussion on Branding. What's Your Opinion about my thread?
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    Hi, I am Professional Photographer in NYC. Check my portfolio