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  1. camilatorti

    Awful Lighting - Help Needed

    Great! Let me know how it turned out!
  2. camilatorti

    Awful Lighting - Help Needed

    Hello! I don't know what kind of framing you are going for but maybe you can add some blocking or diffusion to the outside, expose your camera to the outside light and light the inside according to that. If the light coming into the car is harsh as well and you cannot change location, you'll...
  3. camilatorti

    New Documentary in Production

    I'd love to be able to participate and help! The only thing is that I am from Argentina, but if I could be of any help, I'd gladly do my best to assist you!
  4. camilatorti

    Local Pizza Shop Promo Video Experience

    The quality is very good!! I agree with Maura that you should maybe try to trim it down to 20 seconds maybe and It'd be nice if you could bost the exposure a bit in post, if it doesn't bring up noise :giggle: I had the same experience as you. I'm new in this business and although some people...
  5. camilatorti

    What projects are you working on this year + ?

    I'll try to finish a short documentary about sex workers that we couldn't finish because of COVID :cry:
  6. camilatorti

    Finding shot clips from movies by theme

    I know this page but I don't know if it's exactly what you are looking for. It's categorized by topics instead of technical characteristics.
  7. camilatorti

    I wanna see your movie

    Sorry for the late reply! I attached a picture of some screenshots so you can have a better idea of the quality of the rest of the documentary. I forgot to mention this is actually a short film, so I think that'll make it more difficult to make profit out of it, but we'll try our best! Actually...
  8. camilatorti

    Small Beer Advertisment

    No, I just did some basic twiking like contrast, highlights, blacks and stuff and enhaced the color of the beer
  9. camilatorti

    I wanna see your movie

    Oh, sorry, here it's the link again! Being honest, I don't really know how can I make profit out of it. We just were thinking on offering it to some on-demand platforms. If you have any ideas, I'd be please to hear them! Because I don't know much about selling a film
  10. camilatorti

    I wanna see your movie

    I don't have the complete movie uploaded on youtube because it's being presented on different festivals, but you can watch its trailer. It's a documentary I filmed recently with a friend :giggle: Tales of a Woman in Wheels.
  11. camilatorti

    Small Beer Advertisment

    No, no filters. I don't know if you mean camera or lights, but neither of them.
  12. camilatorti

    Small Beer Advertisment

    A sony a6400 with the 18-55mm that comes with it when you buy it. To light the bottle, my friend's cellphone and mine :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: And a sort of garden reflector through a sheet that worked as difussion.
  13. camilatorti

    Small Beer Advertisment

    This is the first small advertismente I filmed and edited with the help of a friend and no budget whatsoever :ROFLMAO: It was very complicated to light a bottle without proper lights but we think it turned out pretty good considering it's the first time we do this. We'd love to hear your...
  14. camilatorti

    Foreign working in USA

    Hello, I'm a filmmaking student from Argentina. My dream has always been to work in the movie industry but as in my country is not a very developed one, I am planning on trying luck someplace else. As my English is not bad and USA's movie industry is huge I though it'd be a nice place to start...
  15. camilatorti

    Editors for Fan Made Trailers

    Hi! I wanted to know if this position is still up :)