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    Script Index Cards

    Hello all, I have a question to all the trained scriptwriters out there: What is the best way or most popular way of using script index cards: Paper index cards or software-based ones, like Final Draft, etc? Also, where can someone get the Paper index cards from? Thank you.
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    Final Draft 8 Demo

    I am an aspiring scriptwriter. I am using Final Draft 8 Demo to write my scripts, as I cannot afford to purchase the real Final Draft 8 or any older versions. One of the informational tips in Final Draft 8 Demo states that it has all the functions as the real Final Draft 8, however you...
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    Final Draft 7.1.3 or Final Draft 8.0

    I am an aspiring script writer who recently learned how to use Final Draft functions to write some of my scripts, However, I can't afford the expensive price of Final Draft- Is there a way I can download copy of Final Draft (7.1.3 or 8) from one of the torrents websites (mininova, piratebay...