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  1. Maura B.


    Photo taken with Huawei P40 Pro :)
  2. Maura B.

    Q&A with Roy H. Wagner, ASC and M. David Mullen, ASC

    We have reached the midway point of our Winter Photo Contest, which is open to the Student Filmmakers community members! We encourage you to submit your photo representing how winter looks through your lens, before March 20. Our Winter Photo Contest Judges, Roy H. Wagner, ASC and M. David...
  3. Maura B.

    Winter Photo Contest – From the Tropic to the Arctic

    Winter is by far the favorite season for many because of the delights that it has to offer. With this occasion, Student Filmmakers challenges you to showcase how winter looks in your part of the world! Even though you live in a place with piles of snow or piles of sand, we are excited to see it...
  4. Maura B.

    First snow in Romania

  5. Maura B.

    Happy Holidays 2020!

    I wish everyome to have a good time together with their families during this magical time of the year! Happy Holidays! I am celebrating Christmas, therefore I wish you all a Merry Christmas! 🤗🎄
  6. Maura B.

    Nature in Romania - Huawei P40 Pro

  7. Maura B.

    The Moon - 50x Optical Zoom - Huawei P30 Pro

    50x Zoom 20x Zoom 1x Zoom All settings were on auto :) I wanted to test out the AI of Huawei, a better quality can be obtained by using the manual mode. Also my hand was shaking a little because it was cold.
  8. Maura B.

    Creative Photography Ideas for the Quarantine

    I am looking for creative photography ideas during the quarantine. I have found a few videos on youtube and many more on tiktok. One video that I liked in particular was this: What other ideas would you recommend?
  9. Maura B.

    What is your opinion about DJI Mini 2?

    I have read many positive reviews about DJI Mini 2 and I was wondering if someone got to try it and tell us his experience firsthand. I have seen a few reviews about it on YouTube:
  10. Maura B.

    What is your favorite drone?

    Which drome is your favorite and why? Would kindly appreciate if you also post footage that you filmed with it :)
  11. Maura B.

    What drone would you recommend for a novice?

    In your opinion, what are the best drones for a novice? I believe that someone just starting does not have a big budget to afford a professional drone, therefore, based on your experience, what should he try?
  12. Maura B.

    How to DIY Fake Trinity

    Have you tried this yet? :)
  13. Maura B.

    A few compositions

    I will post a few musical compositions that I have done in the past. A few of them were made using pre-recorded loops: This one I composed from scratch in Sibelius:
  14. Maura B.


    Greetings filmmakers! I am happy to be here!