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    How does the DP work with the AD?

    I'm a planner by nature. When I was in school, I meticulously planned my cinematography assignments with storyboards, shot list, schedule, and lighting plans. When we got to set, they ran like clockwork. It was great. When I had to collaborate with a student director, I often had to force them...
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    "No One's Gonna Notice" Argument

    Not sure how much this comes up for any of you, but I hear it constantly. When working out the detail of a shot/edit/grade, trying to perfect it, and either a co-worker/boss says "forget about it no one's going to notice anyway"-- how do you feel about that mentality? Assuming there's a...
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    Check out Cinematography

    Good video !
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    Anamorphic stretch/crop math

    Hello, I'm shooting a microbudget short with a couple of old 2X anamorphic lenses. I would prefer to use the crop sensor (APS-C) Nikons and Sonys at my disposal but recognize that the 2X squeeze would un-squeeze at a much wider than standard 2.35:1 ratio. What I'd like to know: Cropping the...
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    Working without assisting someone

    Hi all This is something which is plaguing me for quite some time (country ringtone download)...I'm an independent Cinematographer doing small time you need to assist someone before becoming an independent cinematographer...bcoz I had seen some big commercials and features which use...
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    Question about Motion Characteristics

    Hello I have some question about film's Motion Characteristic some movies like terminator 2, total recall (1990) are has a video-ish Motion Characteristic. terminator 2 is shot on film, it is 24 fps, it was not more than 180' shutter angle but it has lots of motion blurs, so motion feel like...
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    Camera model in movie?

    heathens lyrics, cheap thrills lyrics, cold water lyrics Hello group, Well I was always wondering what camera model the filming crew, with Coppola himself as the director, was using in 'Apocalypse Now'. Looks a lot like a 16mm film camera with electric motor and pilot tone cable going to the...
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    Best TV shows you are watching

    Tattooed Heart Lyrics What are the most interesting shows you are watching on your home screen? Broadcast, cable (whatever that is) or internet. I thought it might be interesting for people to share that. What about we give a few words on why we like or what it is about them that we like...