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    online TV comedy writing class (8 weeks)

    I wrote TV spec scripts that got me into the NBC Writers on the Verge program, and the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship. I'll take you through the same process that I use, and share some of the valuable things I've learned from both NBC and Nickelodeon. The class will be conducted over group video...
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    my short film blog

    I'm one of the winners of the 2010 Duke City Shootout, and I'll be starting production on my short film in a couple days! Check out my blog if you have time. Thanks!
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    question about using a photograph of a celebrity in a film

    i'm making a short film and i have an image of bill cosby and an image of bruce lee shown. their names aren't mentioned but the photos are props, and not part of the background. can i use those images or do i need a release of some kind? if anyone has an answer, thanks.
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    watch my action comedy short - martial artsy

    i shot it with the panasonic hvx200 over a weekend. hope you like it.
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    my blog on process of making a short film

    hi people. i'm in the middle of preproduction on a short film, and i started a blog if anyone cares to see the whole process.
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    where can i hold casting calls?

    i'm making a low budget short and i need to find a place to hold auditions. the cheapest space i found was $10/hr, but i don't know if i can even afford that. any suggestions other than holding auditions in my apartment? or at a park?
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    production insurance

    does anyone know about how much production insurance would cost on a short film? also, where would i get it? does anyone have experience or recommendations? thanks.
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    digibeta master

    if i shoot in dv or hdv, how do i get it to a digibeta master? is that the best format? what output do festivals require?
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    anyone make a short on HDV?

    i've heard when shooting hd or hdv, it's essential to use a monitor. any other tips or advice? thanks.
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    fight scene question

    if i'm going to shoot a fight scene outdoors in public, what sort of waivers or forms do i need? do i need a policeman there? thanks.
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    no location release

    i shot a short and didn't get a location release! now that i'm done, i absolutely need to get it. what should i do? should i tell the property owner i already shot on their premises and now i need them to sign off on it?
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    my short on atomfilms

    it's my second short. check it out if you have 4 minutes to spare.