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    Acting Agents???

    What exactly is an acting agent, and what is their purpose? Thanks,
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    New Movie Titlted "Sudden" Director Needed

    Five cameras? Wow, you've definitely got that area covered! That's one of my problems. Trying to decide whether to buy the camera, or the computer first. Cause I'm gonna end up needing both down the road myself. An FYI: I'm shooting you an Invitation to, another Filmmaker...
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    young inspired amateur director

    Howdy, I have just become interested in filmmaking within the last several years or so, and am currently working on two of my own scripts. Needless to say to most anyone out there, I still have about a thousand thoughts and ideas screaming through my mind! Though I had seen Jaws before, I...
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    New Movie Titlted "Sudden" Director Needed

    Dad-gum, It certainly sounds interesting, and my interest is peaked. However, I am currently in the middle of writing a script of my own for a feature length film, and am also working on an idea for a short film. Do you have a script yet, or are you still in the beginning stages? What type of...
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    Job Definitions

    Howdy all, Does anyone know of a website/book where I could get a list of all the jobs/positions in the filmmaking industry (no matter how insignificant) and what exactly is required for each job/position and what a person in that particular area does? Thanks, MusingFilmmaker
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    Film School

    Thank'ya everyone for your thoughts and suggestions. They helped a lot! MusingFilmmaker
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    Anyone like writing scripts?

    Re: Anyone like writing scripts? lightningryan, Personally, I love it! There are a lot of things that will need to be worked out, but I really think that this is a great idea. Some things to think about are these, #1 Why is the owner all ways at the house? (There should be some reason why the...
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    Film School

    Hi everyone, I am a new member, recently joined up a few days ago. I am planning on going into the filmmaking industry and am into every aspect of it. Lights, audio, cameras, screenwriting, the whole nine yards. I am several years out of high school and trying to plan my next move before...
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    iMac for editing vs. PC

    Hi, I'm new here. Kind of an aspiring Jack-of-all-Trades. Personally, I would go with any Mac over any PC. That is a personal opinion. However, I find that Mac's are a whole lot easier to work with when it comes to editing video and making dvd or photo projects. Mac's tend to use their RAM...