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    Camera with the largest Aperture?

    Well, is there a camcorder with the largest aperture and if so, does that necessarily mean it will perform better in low light? Thanks, Ne!l
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    Can I use a cheap tape recorder?

    If I have a pretty sweet mixer and a decent mic, can I just use a cheap tape recorder attached to the mixer? Not only will it sound DECENT but will it work? Can you use a mixer to get tape recordings into a computer or am I in way over my head... Please help me!!! If you have any suggestions...
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    1080i converted to 1080p in post???

    Does anyone know if that's possible? I'm looking into getting an HVX200 and I've found out that it won't film anything over 30 frames a second in 1080p. I was wondering if you filmed in 1080i if some how in post you could condense both interlace frames into one progressive? Am I way off base...
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    Wide angle lense for my Everio for a letter box effect?

    If the wide angle lenses give me a wider recorded image, would it be safe to assume that after a post letter box effect was added I'd end up with a cheap looking, but decent "True Widescreen" effect? Anyone? -Neil I'm looking into buying a wide angle lens but I'm not 100% that it will work...