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  1. Kim Welch

    Photography and Motion Picture Fundamentals

    With still photography things are still for the most part. Maybe a fan blowing the hair or some action is taking place but it's all a set up for a still shot. How much more complicated or what differences are most important when lighting and framing for motion picture?
  2. Kim Welch

    Bird House Winter

  3. Kim Welch

    Going to Watch Chinatown Tonight - Reading Syd Field Screenplay Writing

    I am on chapter 7 " Setting Up the Story" of Syd Field's book The Foundations of Screenwriting. He is using Chinatown as an example of how to write the first ten pages. He basically is saying that the first ten pages is what gets your screenplay read or thrown in the garbage. Of course there are...
  4. Kim Welch

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  5. Kim Welch

    Are you Available?

    We are looking for competent people who are dedicated to filmmaking and are available to moderate our forums, submit articles, freelance write, and more.
  6. Kim Welch

    Digital Revolution Workshop with Roy Wagner ASC Handout

    I still remember this workshop with Roy and how at the time some of the filmmakers were having a hard time adjusting to the new Digital era. Some cinematographers were saying that digital would never replace film. I think 99.99% of all productions are using digital cameras today. We did one of...
  7. Kim Welch

    Park Bench Queens NYC Shot on Iphone 8

  8. Kim Welch

    New Directors/New Films: Critic's Choice! Kurt Brokaw

    Kurt Brokaw "Do you remember the last movie you saw in a real theater, up on a big screen? Our memories grow more remote by the day. For this viewer it was a screening of the sumptuous 150-minute Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Directed by Gu Xiaogang, Dwelling is a multi-generational family...
  9. Kim Welch

    Early Winter Snow Storm in Queens

  10. Kim Welch

    NYC Photo - Iphone 8

  11. Kim Welch

    Digital Photography Forum

    I guess will post the first post here. So, these days it's really digital photography or at least 99.99% of it is. I have come to look at motion pictures as still photos shot consecutively at varying intervals over a segment of time.
  12. Kim Welch

    Best Cameras 2020

    What are the best 4K cameras $500 to $1500 , $1500 to $3500, $3500 to $7500, $7500 to $15,000 $15000 and up? I guess maybe ARRI and RED are at the top cost-wise and Sony and Canon are at the low end along with the iPhone which I would not use. I am not knocking it but from the reviews, I...
  13. Kim Welch

    Researching your Subject

    In Syd Fields Screenplay Book "The Foundations of Screenwriting" He talks about doing researching your Subject. "Too many people start writing their material with only a vague, half-formed idea in their heads. This works for about thirty pages and then falls apart"
  14. Kim Welch

    Special Microphone Offers From AZDEN https://AZDEN.COM
  15. Kim Welch

    We Updated the Network Classifieds

    I am happy to announce that we added social media and other fields to make it more appealing. You can post your availability, call for crew or other advertising free at Filmmaker Classifieds - Post Your Filmmaking Ads Free - Filmmakers Network
  16. Kim Welch

    What is the different between Cinematography and Videography

    I have heard people say that they are the same but it seems to me that Cinema by definition means it's made for the cinema where Video implies a broader concept. Is there a difference?