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    a bored fx artist needs help

    well I have been brain dead alot latley and really want to do more effects but im stuck on ideas, so post some cool ideas this will be great fun for me and really helpful, so thanks to all who help out.
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    ugly as heck murder scene.

    Im working on my movie and would like some ideas on how to turn 12 by 20 house into a dirty house it must also look like a murder scene but the killer still lives inside the house. any ideas will be helpful i will take photos tommorow when i get home of the location.
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    Profesional fx artist/prop builder for hire and free advice

    Im wiling to to anything needed for your movie If I can go to the location,Im also willing to lend out any advice and or make tutorials to show you for your film. I have no expirence in cgi so I cant help with that,I also feel that without live effects you can never have a actor act to their...