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  1. jodymichelle

    JVC's CONNECTED CAM handheld cameras and GY-HC500 series

    This video, shot entirely with JVC's CONNECTED CAM handheld cameras, provides an overview of JVC's GY-HC500 series,…/attri…/ip/clips/500_series_overview.jsp
  2. jodymichelle

    Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators

    NEW AUDIO BOOK available in the Online Store: Camera Audio Simplified: Location Audio for Camera Operators CLICK HERE: 158 pages Paperback: 9781138185333 Publisher: Routledge Description You’ve spent a lot of time...
  3. jodymichelle

    NEW BOOKS SPOTLIGHT | Storytelling for Film and Television

    Storytelling for Film and Television From First Word to Last Frame, 1st Edition By Ken Dancyger Publisher: Routledge 188 pages Paperback; ISBN: 9780815371793 Description Storytelling for Film and Television is a theory and practice book which offers a definitive introduction to the art of...
  4. jodymichelle

    New Camera! ZEISS ZX1

    StudentFilmmakers Magazine Visits Fellow Exhibitor Carl Zeiss: New Camera ZEISS ZX1 Showcased at 2018 Photo Plus Expo, NYC Read the news byte here...
  5. jodymichelle

    IBC 2018 Exhibitor Product Spotlight: Lighting the NOS Netherlands News Studio

    NOS Dutch Broadcast Foundation is The Netherlands public broadcaster for sports and news. Following the style and layout renovation started in 2012 on many of its programs NOS has completely upgraded its studio 8 & 10 including several control rooms. A flexible light project The new studio 8...
  6. jodymichelle

    Rotolight news byte posted on

    NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. With no recycle time, you’ll never miss a shot. Designed for portrait photographers and videographers...
  7. jodymichelle

    Panasonic VariCam LT 4K Camcorders news byte

    Houston’s HOPE CITY Church Supports Sophisticated Outreach to Millennials with Cinematic Video Shot on Panasonic VariCam LT 4K Camcorders The thousands of youthful congregants of Houston-based HOPE CITY are scattered worldwide, participating in services via Facebook Live and YouTube streaming as...
  8. jodymichelle

    NEW! Shot on EVA1 - Watch footage

    ...width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> NEW Panasonic EVA1 Camera News Byte and Video - IBC 2017 Check out the news byte, Panasonic / IBC announcement here:
  9. jodymichelle

    Vanja Cernjul, ASC shoots HBO&#146;s The Deuce with VariCam 35s"_blank"><img src=""></a> Camera news byte! Vanja Cernjul, ASC shoots HBO’s The Deuce with VariCam 35s. Read the full article at
  10. C

    Thailand short film competition 2017

    We're OFFICIALLY BACK! Thailand short film competition 2017. Great news for all student filmmakers from all over the world to explore Thailand and compete to win the prize of over 300,000 Thai Bath and it's all free! . Please read our rules carefully and APPLY NOW...
  11. jodymichelle

    News Byte Posted on HD Pro Guide: VariCam 35 4K Cinema Camera/Recorders

    DP Bobby Bukowski Shoots Netflix Series Gypsy with VariCam 35 4K Cinema Camera/Recorders,
  12. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 1

    Dave Pauwels was kind enough to ask about my experiences as a director. I don't see much difference between film and tape, analog or digital, drama, comedy, or documentary, so I'll talk about them generally as "filmed entertainment," a traditional term that distinguishes movies from theater. I...
  13. jodymichelle

    NEW POSTS! Camera News bytes on

    If you'd like to contribute to the Camera news bytes section of HD Pro Guide online, send me a private message. <p>Here's a recent post related to Panasonic VariCam Cameras -</p> <p><strong> Shoots Network Sports, Documentary Features with Full Line of Panasonic VariCam...
  14. jodymichelle

    NEW POSTS! Audio News bytes on

    If you haven't yet checked out the Audio news bytes posted on HD Pro Guide, here are a few cool links to help get you started: <p><strong>Sound Devices Launches New MixPre Series</strong><br> <a href=""...
  15. H

    Camera model in movie?

    heathens lyrics, cheap thrills lyrics, cold water lyrics Hello group, Well I was always wondering what camera model the filming crew, with Coppola himself as the director, was using in 'Apocalypse Now'. Looks a lot like a 16mm film camera with electric motor and pilot tone cable going to the...
  16. jodymichelle

    Announcing New Cinemartin 5.7" HDMI + SDI Bright Pro Monitor with Assist Tools

    <p>Cinemartin announces the co-development and immediate availability of its new Loyal series of professional monitors. The 5.7" HDMI + SDI bright monitor with assist tools features compact design, 1920 x 1080, audio and more.<br><a href=""...
  17. jodymichelle

    Film Festivals, Film Events, and Film Industry News Bytes - Here's an Update

    Looking for film festivals, film events, and film industry news? Here are recent news bytes in our Festivals, Events, Production, Post Production, Tech, and Schools sections. Festival News: Announcing mySPOTLIGHT.TV Video Competition for Content Creators...
  18. jodymichelle

    Panasonic Introduces Entry-Level AG-AC30 Full HD Handheld With Professional Features

    Read the full news byte with photos of the camera at the link below. Share your comments!
  19. D

    Camera Survey - what camera do you use

    Sony F5 and the Sony F3 with Cooke and Zeiss lenses for dramatic narrative. But we also have the JVC GY 700 - its a great shoulder camera for doc and news and educational videos. We just bought three Blackmagic HD studios cameras for a small Tv studio we are building. I would highly recommend...
  20. jodymichelle

    What's your favorite camera bag?

    <p><strong style="font:24px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#000000;">What's your favorite camera bag? </strong></p> <p>Hope you're having a great Friday! I posted a news byte about Manfrotto's Street Collection, and for some reason it got me excited thinking about camera bags again. I have...