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  1. Our Rock Project

    OUR ROCK PROJECT - 1st Annual Film Festival

    After numerous requests from teachers and students, we have decided to push the film submission deadline back to June 1, 2019. We can't wait to see what films come in for the festival. We have raised over $3000 for cash awards for this year's scholarship awards.
  2. Our Rock Project

    Our Rock Project 1st Annual Film Festival

    As the founder and CEO of the Our Rock Project I am thrilled to announce our 1st annual film festival. We are looking for student produced films that reflect some aspect of life on our planet. We are accepting films of all genres - documentary, narrative fiction, animation, stop motion and...
  3. Our Rock Project

    1st Annual Our Rock Project Film Festival

    We are now accepting submissions to our 1st annual film festival. There are no fees to enter and we will be award cash prizes in Elementary, Middle and High School categories. You can submit your films here: