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  1. Romuald Martin

    Moving Gear

    Agree with Kim. Planning your shoot to avoid moving your whole arsenal is key. There is no one answer for every situation; sometimes you are in the comfort of a studio and carts will do the job; in the mountains you will need bags and carriers; in the desert, perhaps camels. We will need human...
  2. Romuald Martin

    Full film/digital nonlinear editing workflow

    There are no stupid questions. Better to ask than to remain ignorant. Technologies change fast and is really hard to keep up. Coming from film you usually work with DI (Digital Intermediates), and low resolution proxies of the full scan. Probably these PDFs and Blog will help. Final Cut...
  3. Romuald Martin

    Producing Question

    :D This is more easy said than done. (Too many factors implied). But agree that a producer needs to get also into the business side of the industry. There are no shortcuts here.
  4. Romuald Martin

    T2i? A new filmmakers friend?

    I checked recently some video from a friend DP and looks pretty nice for the price. This comparison may be useful. Canon 7D vs. Canon Rebel T2i : Half the price… half the camera?
  5. Romuald Martin

    Help with Lens

    You are talking of Depth of Field which is affected by factors such as the camera you own, level of lighting/aperture, lens, and focal distance. Depending of your camera design only buying lens may not solve the whole problem. The peasant look of soft-focusing the background while keeping sharp...