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  1. Tylerb

    Filming A Oil Painting Scenes?

    Have the painter behind the canvas, pretending to paint. Place the camera behind the canvas so you can't actually see her hand painting, because she isn't. Then get a real painter, and shoot only thier hands painting. Edit it together to sell the effect.
  2. Tylerb

    my camera can shoot in the dark so i don't have to light when i shoot a scene

    Even with light, some of the cheaper 'low light cameras' still look pretty crap. Rule 1) Buy a decent camera Rule 2) Light your scene
  3. Tylerb

    Awake - Short Film

    A few dolly shits would have been nice at some parts, but I really like the lighting and flat tone of the image. It really puts you in the mood of the film. Some of the things I would nit pick - watch your sound. When you change scene, the sound gets noisy/grainy all of a sudden. A fade would do...
  4. Tylerb

    What is a matte box for

    It's a giant lens shade, just like the smaller ones you put on your lens. It also allows filters like the others have said. Not only is it a better option from a lens shade, it also looks way cooler and more professional to.
  5. Tylerb

    Tips for exteriors lighting

    I'm assuming you mean like the sunbeam through the leaves, casting streaks of light in the misty air with particles floating around, quite a mystical scene type-thing. Basically if you get a sunny day, you can grab a fog machine and blow a bit of fog around and you should get some streaks. If...
  6. Tylerb

    Lighting Vehicles - How to light in darkness?

    I'm planning on shooting a car travelling down a road at night. It's a country road, and the only light I would be naturally getting is from the moon and the car headlights. It will be tracking, so the camera will be on a car following in front of the car being filmed. How do I light the car...
  7. Tylerb

    What editor do you use?

    Just wondering what the people here use. I think it would be interesting to see what people think! Post why you use it and not another in the comments below!
  8. Tylerb

    Question about intercutting different scenes.

    I'm thinking about how to go about this, but a the start of my film I want there to be a ton of momentum. I want the viewer to be informed about the situation at hand, but I also want the situation to play out at the same time. So there will be three different scenes at the same time - Agents...
  9. Tylerb

    Future of Film vs Digital

    It's a real shame that film is going out of fashion. Even if it is digitally projected, it is much warmer and less perfect than digital. I remember reading somewhere that Jackson's frame rate for the Hobbit (48fps) was a bad choice because it was too life like.
  10. Tylerb

    Sound department, foley artist and music composer

    Hey Gustavo! Nice to meet you. I was wondering what sort of stuff you use to compose music? It's an area I'm really starting to get into. I'm saving up for a few VST's for Cubase (starting with Essentials, I think)!
  11. Tylerb

    A funny photography shoot.

    Yup. Indeed it is!
  12. Tylerb

    How to prepare as a high school student

    Also, there are no rules to film making. Only sins. Like lots of camera shake. And crappy audio.
  13. Tylerb

    Directing Actors - Is it them, or me?

    Thanks man!
  14. Tylerb

    Simple guide to buying a DSLR for film!

    So you want to get started? Lets go. First off, take your budget. Anything under $1000 will not be enough for a decent DSLR kit, so you might want to consider that. If you do have the money, then continue reading. If there are any terms you don't understand Google them! Differences between...
  15. Tylerb

    A funny photography shoot.

    So uh, I wan't sure where to put this, but I really wanted to share it with you guys so where better then the cinematography section! Basically this story is one of two really annoying (ignorant + arrogant) clients directing a singing club. So I turn up to a auditorium as that was our setting...
  16. Tylerb

    How do I remove self-consciouness when acting?

    Here's what I would do... Here's what I would do... I have takes a few years worth of speech and drama lessons but I honestly don't think they will hep with your own self-esteem etc. When your acting, immerse yourself. The camera isn't there - there is a jungle, or a war-field. If you...
  17. Tylerb

    Project Management software for Filmmakers

    As I'm 16 the way me and my friends communicate is on Facebook because it's easier and everyone I need is right there. So I would use Facebook just to ask questions to my collabs, suggestions etc. Now that I think about it a voice chat might be handy... SCENARIO: If I was writing a...
  18. Tylerb

    Watching Movies and Learning Through Observation

    It's not so much what they do, its how and why they do it. It's all the same old boring stuff - high angle, low angle etc But HOW and WHY do they use it? I was watching Inception the other day and during the last scene where Cobb gives his passport to the officer there was an extremely...
  19. Tylerb


    +1 Now you have a great documentary idea... 'Inside Wikipedia - The Dark Truth'
  20. Tylerb

    How to make ***** off of short films...

    Of course I am. haha XD