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  1. Alan von Altendorf

    How to prepare as a high school student

    Honest answers to your questions: -What are somethings I should start doing? Get a job, save. When you have $1000 saved keep working so you can afford some magazine subscriptions (Digital Video, Videographer, Video Editing) and books (The Liveliest Art by Arthur Knight and The Complete Film...
  2. Alan von Altendorf

    Future of Film vs Digital

    I did a great deal of reading this morning. LA Weekly had a long 7-page article that covered exhibs, labs, film preservation, with 300 comments. Also took a look at the Eastman Kodak bankruptcy and closure of Technicolor North Hollywood lab. But what ultimately persuaded me to vote in the poll...
  3. Alan von Altendorf

    Directing Actors - Is it them, or me?

    Let's get some of the basics right. No student project should have a producer. Production manager yes. His job is to make sure everything you need is on set when you need it -- cast, crew, equipment, raw stock, wardrobe, props, catering, transportation. The PM is an experienced "filmmaker" who...
  4. Alan von Altendorf

    Controversy Vs. Explicity

    Go with it. Make a couple more, one for each recording artist, using their best hook (music video clip) and your label identity to open/close. The important thing is distribution and repetition. Get it played a million times in clubs, cable TV. Here's a link to my directory of Publicity A-Z...
  5. Alan von Altendorf

    Question about intercutting different scenes.

    Implicit that helicopter is a police team. You don't need a mission briefing. If they arrive too late to stop truck robbery, the team leader is pissed. If they're called in later to interview a witness or victim, it's unrealistic to arrive by helicopter. Save your helicopter for a chase scene later.