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    Does a student really need his/her own camera?

    I'd definitely recommend having your own camera simply for flexibility and availability of use to practice and be creative. The responsibility and ties of a supplied camera is too much of a pain in the butt to care about. When I was at Uni, I had my own hand held to shoot location tests and...
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    just me a computer, webcam and no money. what now?

    Do you have any ideas for the content you want to include in your videos? That's always the best place to start... having something to shoot. Helps the creativity and flow.
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    Best way to show time has past?

    If in any way you can shoot the student in the foreground and somehow have people in the background moving faster it would show time passing without his awareness...?
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    Copy Protecting DVD

    Yeah if I could give any advice it's that if it's gonna cost you to get it copy protected, don't bother. There isn't really any such thing as copy protection but rather, just making pirates use software to get by it. If someone wants to copy your disc, they will, no matter what you do.
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    Encoding DVD to AVI in High Quality

    What software would someone recommend for encoding a DVD movie to AVI for editing? I want the highest quality to play with.
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    need sound effects for horor movie

    Although we don't personally stock sound effects such as what you're after, when working with clients producing sounds for film and videogames we've come to learn something very important, which would give your film a unique quality. Record the sounds yourself and take into consideration that...
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    "Saving Private Ryan" technique

    It certainly is a great effect. Is it not heavily dependant on the film stock used?
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    New Documentary on Cuba!

    Will it be released on DVD?
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    Which operating system for pc

    XP Pro is more flexible and useable I would say
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    upconverting DV to HDV

    Interesting, might give it a go...
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    Help with my movie survey

    That was a well composed survey and did not take too long to fill in. I especially liked the sound effects provided with the options, original and helpful.
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    I definitely think that you have something there. The movie was interesting enough but there was something lacking that I couldn't quite place. The lack of conclusion must be it. Thanks for the interesting post.