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  1. jeremiahjw

    'What Makes a Top Employer?' Video Contest

    Hey everyone! A guy I know is helping with this contest, so I thought I'd spread the word along. It is open to Canadian students enrolled part or full time in a college or university program, so if you know any qualifiers who might be interested in this pass it along...
  2. jeremiahjw

    Shoot Smash Boom Episode 1 - Texas Stadium Implosion in Slow Motion

    Shot some overcranked footage of the Texas stadium demolition for a new web series I'm doing. Shoot Smash Boom is a web series where various items are destroyed...and filmed with high speed cameras. This first episode features the Dallas Cowboys...
  3. jeremiahjw

    Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" submission - Good With Every Meal

    This was very much a last minute deal. I’m not satisfied with it, but at least I got something in. Being the guy in front and behind the camera made it a little difficult. :-P I’m fairly happy with what I got considering the circumstances though.
  4. jeremiahjw

    Destroying a Computer Server in Slow Motion - Red 4K, Sony EX1, Casio EX-F1 This is a promo video for a company based near Dallas, TX. They do disaster data recovery and backup. I used the Casio EX-F1 for the 600fps footage, a DoP had his RED 4K shooting at 120fps, and I had a consumer Canon camera for the close up shots near...
  5. jeremiahjw

    Computer DESTRUCTION with Gun and Explosives [Web Teaser]

    This is a teaser for a video that will be released this Friday. It involves guns, computers, and explosions, i.e. awesome cool stuff. :-P The video was shot on the RED, Sony EX1, Casio EX-F1, and a consumer Canon HD camcorder. The filming went well...
  6. jeremiahjw

    Casio EX-F1 High Speed Camera test (300fps)

    EDIT: I've uploaded another video, this time shot at 600fps and featuring my shotgun and I. New Video (600fps) Today I received a Casio EX-F1 for an upcoming project. The reason for getting the camera is...