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    Things to do differently

    Hello David, I have a question not so much related to cinematography/technique, but more on career. In terms of the steps to becoming the well respected and successful cinematographer that you are, is there anything you might have wished you'd done differently or wished you had done? For...
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    DI and HD Telecine Questions

    Hello David, I am wondering with the DI process do DPs still opt to slightly rate the ASA differently and overexopse to get a richer picture. Basically is there still a need to do this when going to a DI, or can the blacks be crushed just as good with this process. Also what about for a HD...
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    Skintone and Exposure troubles

    Hello, I just reviewed some dallies of a low budget feature I'm shooting, and I'm seeing some issues with getting correct exposure on one of the leads, especially on exteriors. We're shooting with the Sony HVR camera in HDV 1080 60i mode, and it seems like the chips can't handle the constrast...
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    Mixed Lighting Situation

    Hello I've got a question regarding a mixed lighting situation for a 16mm film I'm DPing this weekend. I don't know if I'm thinking correctly here, or I might just be confusing myself more. Basically we are shooting a scene in a kitchen, and there is a wall of windows on one side which the...