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    sorry no requests, I'm not avaliable yet!!

    Unless you offer me a really interesting project, I can stop scoring the recent shorts I'm involved. best wishes
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    composer available

    filmakers filmakers any filmaker looking for film score? please check out:
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    How long would it take to compose a short?

    composer composer I can compose 1 minute of bad music in less than 30 seconds and 30 seconds of awesome music in........4 hour, a day, depend on which style it needs. How long do you need for 5 minutes short?
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    Composer needed for tv-documentary (intro music)

    Re: Composer needed for tv-documentary (intro music) Do you need some music cues to your non-profit project? Just contact me! I'm ready to help you! I have finished many cues,especially within drama/and "love" sequences with piano,strings and ...
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    composer available

    Merry Xmas Merry Xmas And chances to scoring...
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    Composer wanted for short film project

    composer composer Hi, I'm interested in collaborate in new projects, please check my site out, I´d like to know more about your short. regards Sergio Pena
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    composer available

    hi there
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    composer available

    please check out my site for samples