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  1. papkee

    Computer Displays

    Not sure if this is the right place. How would you go about creating random computer displays for a scene of your film? I'm referring to something like bar graphs moving up and down, and text flashing across the screen. You would use this in some sort of command room or lab. I believe FXHome...
  2. papkee

    Compositing Software

    Hello, I was wondering, is there any free or cheap (<$100) software that I could use to add special effects to my films. I would like something that can support voodoo camera tracker, and I don't really want to have to buy after effects if I don't have to. Thanks
  3. papkee

    D3100 a good choice?

    Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing a DSLR for filmmaking. Now, before you ask why I am not just getting a video camera, it's because I have one, and like it, but I would like my secondary camera to be something different. Would you recommend the Nikon D3100, or would another brand be...