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    HVX200 or HD110?

    Hey guys, I´m graduating film school and I would like to spend about 5k on a camera. I have been using the HD100 and some Sonys (Z1, V1 etc), and I really enjoy using the HD100... but I read some good things about the HVX200. One of my teachers won a festival with a film he made with a HVX200...
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    Questions about lens mounts

    Hi People! I'm a former Still Photographer becoming a cinematographer, so I have some questions about lens mounts that I can't find anywhere 1- What kind of lens mounts exists? (for example in Still photography there are lots of mounts like Canon EF, Nikon, Minolta A/Sony Alpha, Olympus 4/3...
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    Newbie, Sony PD150

    Hi! we are shooting a documentary and the university just lent us a Sony PD150, I have never used this camera before (I'm a still photographer) so there isn't a lot of time for testing... Some questions about a still photographer moving to cinematography: The DB GAIN, it's the same as ISO...
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    Shooting from a helicopter

    Hello guys! I'm a student film maker from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm in the second year and we are going to shoot our first film, a documentary. So, we managed to arrange a helicopter to make a take from an avenue.(that's going to be the main subject of the documentary) We will be using the...