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    Transferring 16mm to Digital

    If transferring 16mm to HD either DVCPro HD or Sony HDCam the film has to be transferred to 23.98fps right? If thats the case does that mean during production your sound should be going at 23.98 because even though a film camera is running 24fps your transferring it to digital at 23.98? Also on...
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    Blue Sky = Middle Grey

    If you take a spot reading of a blue sky is that close to a middle grey reference? I have always read that grass is close as is a cloud with grey in it but I came across a few references as a blue sky as another one. This would seem helpful if you were inside and wanted to expose for the...
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    Shooting on a soundstage

    When your working on a soundstage and creating a daylight scene do you usually use a daylight balanced film stock and daylight lights? It seems like a lot of times when people work in a studio even if they are shooting a daylight scene the work is being done with tungsten lights. I guess since...
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    Creating 70's Look (Grindhouse, "Shaft" "Superfly")

    What is the best way to light to recreate the look of 70's blaxploitation films like "Shaft" "Superfly" or more recently "Black Dynamite." I am shooting a student thesis with that look in mind on 16mm. The lens the school provides us are older Zeiss SuperSpeeds (not in the best condition) which...
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    Tiffen Contrast Viewing Glass

    Are they worth purchasing? I would probably get the one for higher speed stocks but I don't hear much about people using them. The first time I heard about one actually, was recently in class from a teacher who said they aren't used as much now since the vision 3 stocks are closer to your eye.
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    Hard Source

    Hello, I have a question on hard sources. What light would create the best hard source of sunlight? I am shooting a student film and we want to pump in hot sunlight through these two windows of a house. Right now we have two 4k HMI fresnals and I was wondering if that is "punchy" enough to give...