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  1. lancekatigbak

    Hey Bianca- A short and quirky film

    A short film my cousin and I put together. Enjoy!
  2. lancekatigbak

    My first short film is complete!

    Hello everyone, I just finished editing my first short film, entitled Fine Dining, a short film on poverty, dignity, and the unconquerable nature of the human soul. You may check it out over at Any comments are highly appreciated! :) Lance
  3. lancekatigbak

    Composer wanted

    Rush work for a five-minute silent drama film. Needed for my college portfolio. You get to keep full rights to the soundtrack. Email me at for more info.
  4. lancekatigbak

    Perfect Timing: 1 minute mis-en-scen/silent film

    Hey guys! Please take the time out to view the first official short film of my "career", Perfect Timing. It's only a minute long! You can check it out here: You may check out my other short film, A True Love Story, there too. Please subscribe too...
  5. lancekatigbak

    Filming Water

    Hi! I'm planning to shoot a short film which involves water guns, and I'm worried that the water might not show up as nicely as I would like it to. Do you have any tips on filming the water, or maybe some nice effects we can do with the water (without endangering the camera)? Cheers :D