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    A good lighting generator

    hey Guys- Demetrius here I have a 26 ft box truck with around 4-tons of grip equipment. Im goingto purchase a nice lighting setup with a arri 650s 1k- 5ks and possibly a 24k. Im a director and cameraman but dont know too much about lighting except which are good to but my question...
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    Hello fellow film makers, Im working on a short production and i need you guys help, first off One of the parts of the films consists of an explosion, Now the reason local FD is not giving permission to use pyrotects is because its near a feild which is prone to brush fires. Does any one have an...
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    Trying to get lit

    My Idea is to build your own light set up, its cheaper you can use clamp light which are about $15 each or work light at about $30 and up I made my own and am using it now on my set they work excelent and easly move able