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    Filmming reflection

    I was on a location, last weekend where, the director wanted to shoot into a car window that was on the floor (car shop) he wanted to film the reflection that was being casted on the glass and then rack focus to a hand holding the glass. In order to this he measured the distance from the camera...
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    Mix lighting

    me again, I was asked to be "DP" for a student film, it is gonna take place in a big factory which is illumintated with fluorescent tubes, the student wants a wide shot of a kid and his mom playing on a pile of sawdust so i'm gonna have a lot of the factory in frame, I came up with 2 options...
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    Circle of major confusion?

    I found this site on the net according to this calculator if you choose under cinematography 35mm film format it says that the circle of cunfusion is 0.025mm now when I check on the American Cinematographer Manual (on the depth of field section) it reads that...
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    Gel questions?

    in the following situations what kind of gels would you use, taking in consideration I'll be shooting with kodak 250T film stock on a super 16mm CP16 camera and i have tungsten lights. living room with sliding door (lots of daylight coming trough), I will need to light with my tungsten lights...
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    Test charts

    I'm kind of new to this field. I want to know what is the purpose of these charts and how are they use in other words what is the work flow when this charts are incorporated to any shoot. are DSC Labs charts the standard?
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    Where are the Roger Corman of our generation

    what is your opinion on apprenticeship, passing the knowledge of your craft to future generation? Is something that has been lost and that in my opinion it is so helpful to aspiring filmmakers. almost every american director from the Independent Movement in the 60's and 70's went through Roger...
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    Learning Cinematography

    Hi, I'm currently enroll at a film program at a college in Miami, Florida, but is not strong enough in the field of cinematoghraphy and that i know, there is no other school specialized on that field. what would be your advice to someone that is interested in learning the art & craft of...