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    Mocking Modern Social Media Use (Video)

    Everyone seems to want to show the world what they buy, every time they buy something. Presenting a version of their best selves. When in reality no one cares. Heres my sarcastic way to express my displeasure of this activity. I bought a printer, so I'm sure the world wants to know. Now you know.
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    Four Chair Leg Virtues (2:16) - Improve your life, be a chair leg.

    Just giving out more solid worldly advice.
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    American Mass Shootings [1:09] - Trump annoyed me so I made a stupid video

    Not looking for a political response from anyone I was just bored and couldn't help laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. So I made a video to illustrate that.
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    Anti-Boredom Simulator [2:19] - Convinced us we are not bored.

    Random video about over produced TV shows designed to hold attention and convince us we're not bored. Mainly english TV shows mentioned. Feedback welcome.
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    The Internet Privacy Fallacy [2:16] - Do we even have privacy offline?

    I don't think this is particularly ground breaking stuff, it was just a little thing which crossed my mind the other day. I wanted to work in a slightly different style but I think I prefer the other styles Ive used. Who knows maybe you will enjoy it anyway.
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    Saving British Culture - Satire on British Culture

    Hey, I meant to link this in with my other video as I created them at the same time, but here we go. I would love feedback on them both. The basic principal behind this is that all of the text in the video is a paraphrased quote from a far right politician in the UK when he was talking about...
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    Four Printer Virtues - Satire on office life

    First attempt at using Final Cut Pro (trial version - not made of money). Would really welcome feedback! There is a small explanation behind each video I do but I kind of prefer to let people see it for what they want, hence no descriptions on...