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    Does anyone who anything about Rotoscoping

    Rotobrush! Rotobrush! I know it's a little late but hey! use rotobrush with after effects cs5 its easy fast and just as good as rotoscoping. Go download the AE trial right NOW on
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    how to simulate the news

    news templates news templates andrew kramer from posted some great news templates though it's solid images (more for after effects users) even if you're in final cut you should still be able to make your own scrolling text for the bottom hopefully that helps
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    Hand stab knife effect?

    hand stabbing special effects hand stabbing special effects there are really two ways to do this, the dry in-camera way (the workaround) and the fx intensive in post way. Either could look good and it just matters how the shot is constructed really. Dry: like my friend here said; cut to a...
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    Transformers and Other Robot Ideas

    awesome but daunting awesome but daunting amazing stuff but the amount of real work that went into that is really disconerting. They got the look they were hoping for but for the 1 second steering wheel they made a life-size rig with tons of stuff and they still had to composite it together...
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    Which software do you use?

    after effects CS5 after effects CS5 I bought the student edition of the production premium suite (after effects, photoshop, flash, premiere pro, encore, sound booth, encoder and more!) for about 450 and I never looked back. after effects is easy and very powerful to use. i refer to...
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    Help with filtres!!

    Super 8 californication Super 8 californication the intro here looks like they were trying to copy the undying super 8 camera look[/URL] which would first require a matte or garbage matte to create the limits around the footage. then lowering the framerate in post or using an automator to...
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    Easy light wrap techniques (green screen)

    Hey guys, I was working on some green screen work a few days ago and it was really difficult compositing it together realistically in after effects. After a few days of searching, forum posting and researching I figured out I needed to add in a simple filter called light wrap. Basically in the...
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    Throne room Set

    Were making a series of short 5 minute episodes and the primary set is supposed to be a sort of throne room, a big hall with a big, grand looking chair. That's all we need, and we can't find it. We need a location in denver or near denver (were in littleton) and it needs to be repeatedly...