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    Here is a short I created sort of abstract, working on making content with no budget during quarantine!

    Used a Red Camera borrowed from a friend, a 35-105mm lens, mostly natural lighting, with a some led fills. Edited in premiere pro. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel
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    We started a web series take a look new episodes coming out each week!

    We shot this on a red camera using a 35mm-75mm lens, mostly natural lighting with a few less on stands or handheld when necessary, it’s all handheld with lower angels to give it that gritty and horror look. We have limited places to shoot with quarantine so that had to be written in on the...
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    Lockdown keeping you Down, Have some fun and laugh!

    My Youtube Channel
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    I decided to practice narration!

    Enjoy it's a great story by H.P. Lovecraft. My Youtube Channel
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    Some advice from a Homie for these Rough Times

    My Youtube Channel
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    Where are the Dinosaurs, exactly?

    My Youtube Channel
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    You Can Learn a lot from Editing.

    My Youtube Channel
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    Stack you Acting Odds in Your Favor

    My Youtube Channel
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    We Could All Use a Little Kobe in US!

    My Youtube Channel
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    Booking a Co-Star

    My Youtube Channel
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    Our acting Jobs are being Taken by many Foreign Actors

    CapricousCabrera Youtube Channel
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    Questions ask them, whatever you want to know!

    Capricious Youtube Channel
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    Branding and Marketing CapricousCabrera Youtube
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    New Year New You...?

    CapricousCabrera Youtube
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    Happy New Year, Set Your Goals.

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    Keep your Friends close and your Enemies closer!

    Enjoy CapriciousCabrera
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    Acting advice Being Creative

    Take a watch and see why being creative is a huge part of acting.
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    Advice on headshots and reels

    Headshots and Reels
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    Good advice

    Advice for every actor