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    Having A Clue

    I accept full responsibility for the failure you’re about to see. The actors were not getting paid when I was in charge. They were working for credit. This was not a fun shoot and I eventually quit my own movie. Again, it’s all my fault. I handed the reins over to the Producer and a new...
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    Director's Should Notice EVERYTHING

    There is something terribly wrong in this shot. Here's what it's not - The unprofessional removal of the beer labels. The awful angle of the camera. Though I could forgive this, if the acting were any good. The terrible costuming. Bad lighting. Bad sound. Again, these could be forgiven if...
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    Two In A Row

    I’ve always been a movie fan. From the silents to modern classics, I’ll watch most anything. But, the golden age of Hollywood (30s - 40s) has never been rivaled. The studio system knew how to churn out magnificent motion pictures. While I loved movies, I never cared who wrote or directed them...
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    Just Saying Howdy!

    Just stopping in to say Hello. I've written quite a few screenplays over the years. Shot two micro-budget films. The first US SINNERS is available at Netflix, is distributed by Hart Fisher's American Horrors, and has been hailed as "All micro-budget cinema can and should be" and "worst piece...