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  1. SuperDaddyTV

    The Two Amoebas: Remembering Yesterday Cartoon

    The two Amoebas, Jim and Bob take a funny stroll down memory lane and realize life is pretty short at least for an Amoeba! Another in our funny family friendly cartoon series.
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    Sammy Squid: Winter Cold Claymation

    Sammy Squid and friends learn the importance of wearing proper clothing and keeping warm. Fun little clay animation for children and families.
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    Batman Space Adventure

    A funny Batman parody cartoon done with claymation and a bit of CGI. Batman plans to head into space but once again Robin ends up being Batman's guinea pig!
  4. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Andrew In Narnia

    Our funny Narnia parody done in claymation. Andrew meets Mr. Tumnus under the lamp post and is offered some Turkish delight. However Andrew isn't impressed with the taste and Mr. Tumnus becomes unimpressed with Andrew!
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    Keanu Reeves At The Office

    A funny clay animated parody cartoon on how Keanu Reeves could deal with the monotony of everyday office life!
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    Exploding Cow Animation

    EXPLODING COW! Our funny cartoon about a cow using Alka-seltzer! Good for a laugh!
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    Sammy Squid 3: Healthy Eats Make The Best Treats

    Our clay animated cartoon series Sammy Squid Returns! At a Halloween party Sammy and friends must make a decision between healthy eats and sugary treats!
  8. SuperDaddyTV

    David and Goliath Cartoon

    Our cartoon of David and Goliath done in a combination of clay animation and CGI, great for the whole family!
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    Charlie Butters Returns

    Charlie Butters is returning to SuperDaddyTV along with many other cartoons. Here we get a glimpse into what Charlie has been doing on his time off.
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    Burning Hands Claymation

    Burning Hands Claymation
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    Wolf Man Claymation

    Clay Wolf claymation video we did for a customer music video. The wolf goes on a bit of a life journey, deals with some punks and eventually finds what he's looking for. It is more of a symbolic piece, not really a wolf that finds faith. Good for a watch. We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for...
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    Jesus & The Bankers (with a modern twist) Clay Animation

    My clay animated version of the bible story in which Jesus kicks the bankers/merchants out of the church. We gave it a more modern setting and made a clay figure of a banker from a well known board game. Can you guess which one? This version is meant to be a little funny and cartoony so don't...
  13. SuperDaddyTV

    Captain America VS Batman

    My cartoon with two clay Batman and Captain America getting into a bit of a scuffle over territory and neglecting to save the day. So sit back relax and have a laugh! We used our GS-500 for pictures and put it together in Adobe Premiere CS5 with sound editing done in Audacity.
  14. SuperDaddyTV

    The Scientist And The Fly Claymation

    My new cartoon. A scientist is annoyed by a fly and chases it about his laboratory with a fly swatter. The fly gets into some top secret chemical mixtures that the scientist is working on with disturbing results. We again used our GS-500 for pictures and put it together in Adobe Premiere CS5...
  15. SuperDaddyTV

    Jim & Bob The Two Amoebas Claymation

    My claymation cartoon! In this funny claymation the two amoebas, Jim and Bob, contemplate the existence of life outside their microscopic universe. Check it out for a quick laugh!
  16. SuperDaddyTV

    Izzy Prank Call #1 - Andrew The Ghost Claymation

    My claymation cartoon! In this offshoot of our ongoing family rated claymation comedy "the misadventures of Charlie Butters," Izzy Butters, Charlie's daughter, becomes the center of attention. She receives a prank call from an unknown person but thins soon backfire for this mysterious prank...
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    Charlie Butters: Runaway Lawnmower Claymation

    Hi, not sure if I responded before this point sorry for taking so long. It is hard to say exactly the shots for the film usually all happen in one night, the props, sets, etc were put together over time, some reused in more than one film. The editing can take me a day or two if I sit down long...
  18. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Runaway Lawnmower Claymation

    In this claymation cartoon Charlie's wife bugs him to do the lawn. As he really doesn't want to do it he gets his daughter Izzy to do it but things go horribly wrong when Izzy starts the lawnmower. Check it out for a good laugh! We again used our GS-500 for pictures and put it together in Adobe...
  19. SuperDaddyTV

    Valentine's Day Charlie Butters Balloon Claymation (Interactive)

    This is our Charlie Butters Balloon Valentine interactive film. In this claymation Charlie and his wife go ballooning for Valentine's Day and unfortunately Charlie ends up in trouble. We made this one interactive, so when his wife gets made at Charlie's clumsiness you get to choose what to say...
  20. SuperDaddyTV

    The Avengers - Captain America Gets A Pimple Claymation

    In this claymation cartoon Captain America gets a pimple and must go to the lab for a scientist to help him get rid of it. With horrific results! Check it out for a good laugh! We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for our shots set to absorb even lower light with 1/2 second exposures, so no...