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    My new e-book, How to Sell Your Screenplay, is now available.

    Hi all, thought this might be interesting for the screenwriters of the community. I've collected together all the knowledge I have accrued over the last 3 years whilst selling/optioning forty shorts and one feature (and that's without being in LA and wihtout and industry connections). All the...
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    Interview with Matias Caruso, 2014 Page Award Winner, now published...

    My interview with Matias has just gone up on Simply Scripts -
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    New screenwriting article - Podcasts

    My latest article on Podcasts that might be interesting/useful to screenwriters is now up... Scroll further down that page and all my older articles are there too. Anthony
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    New screenwriting article - Competitions

    My latest article is up, this one looks at screenwriting competitions. Previous articles can be found at Anthony
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    New screenwriting articles - Where to list your script & where to find producers ads

    New screenwriting articles - Where to list your script & where to find producers ads The third and fourth of my articles on how to get your scripts made are now available, this time the focus is where to promote your scripts and where to find people advertising for scripts or writers...
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    Screenwriting advice, new article available - Where to get Feedback

    The second of my articles on screenwriting basics is now available, this time the focus is feedback and where to get it on your script. Check it out at -
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    Award winning screenwriter has new short scripts available

    I have the following short scripts available... Through Glass Darkly (Dark Comedy, 10 mins) Gary loves his Google Glass but his wife would rather have a sofa. From Time to Time (Drama, 10 minutes) A woman lives a humdrum life, until one day someone creates a day of magic for her. Fashion...
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    New Horror Short - Doormat Smiles

    New Horror short available. Doormat Smile Horror - approx 15 minutes Why are strange S&M photos being sent to David through the post? Who is sending them? Who is the hooded woman in the pictures? More info and details on my other scripts at Anthony Cawood Thanks Anthony
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    Short Romantic Drama availabe

    Hi All, My new screenplay, From Time to Time, is a quirky love story that runs approx 10 minutes. The story is similar in tone to Amelie and has a very visual style. More details of this and my other shorts at Thanks Anthony
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    Short screenplays available...

    I have a number of short Screenplays available, if you'd like to see any just message me or email me at tcawood @ Above the Fog OPTIONED 12 Days in the Life of Rex A boy takes his first shaky steps on the road to becoming a serial killer. Dark drama/horror/comedy, approx. 15...
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    Short film screenplay available... Dark comedy

    I have a 15 minute screenplay available. Dark comedy with elements of social commentary. 3 characters and no expensive effects/shots etc. Message me if you are interested in seeing it... Thanks