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    I have returned...

    Hey, I have not been at this site for quite a while as my computer has been experiencing some problems. It's all fixed now and it's great to be back amongst so many individuals who share the passion for film. I look forward to posting again.
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    make up on a corpse

    Anyone got any tips on doing the makeup for a corpse. I want it to really shock the audience when they see it.
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    ending the story

    I've almost finished writing a screenplay for a short film about a man who is being haunted by the ghost of his brother, whom he killed a year ago to claim on the will. I'm having trouble with the ending though. Any suggestion on how to wrap it up?
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    Hey all. I'm planning to shoot a movie soon involving UFOS. Does anybody have any ideas that I could use to make the ship look realistic. Is a model the best way to go? Has anybody ever had a similar problem? How did you solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.