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    screenwriter looking to work on very lowbudget indie features

    Hi I am screenwriter with little experience. I would like to write a screenplay for anyone who wants a micro low budget feature. I am not expecting pay just writing credit for the work that I do. I'm open to any genre. If your interested just give me a p.m.
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    consistent filmmakers

    hi I was just wandering some filmmakers that the rest of you find their work consistently interesting? For me I would say Oliver Stone, Ron Howard, Francis Coppola, and Clint Eastwood. What do you think? Who do you find to be consistently interesting?
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    Wanted 10 to 15 page WW2 script

    I would want this to primarily be an action type war film, but not a lot of characters. Like two main characters and two or three bad guys chasing them. Anyone got an idea for the plot or has anyone written anything like this. P.S. If you've written a war script thats a little longer or a...
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    Hello, Just begining in this craft

    If your interested in becoming a director watch Robert Rodriguez Ten Minute Film School on youtube. Good Luck :)
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    What genre do you prefer?

    I myself prefer character driven projects I especially like crime and spaghetti westerns. Also epic type films like Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. What kind of films do your guys prefer?
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    your credits

    how many films have you other guys worked on. I myself have directed four shorts and written a feature length screenplay about the Vietnam War and several other short scripts what about you guys?
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    Sounds for my film

    Hi guys I'm filmming my first feature film. Well in reality its gonna be about 40 minutes so its really a glorified short. Anyway let me get to the point. In my film there are a few machine gun sequences. The problem is I don't have real machine guns to copy the sounds from. I have fake guns...
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    Unproduced short film screenplay ripe for production

    Hey guys I wrote this short film for an online short film screenplay competition and I finished second in the competition. If your interested in filming this please p.m. me. Heres the link:
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    Unproduced short film screenplay ripe for production

    Hey guys. This is a short film I wrote that was entered in an online short screenplay competition. I finished second in the competition. If you are interested in producing the script please reply back or P.M. me. Heres the link:
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    Looking for unproduced short script or story lines

    Hi I am an American student filmmaker. I am looking for unproduced shorts and or story lines. I'd appreciate any thing and would look at anything you've written. I would like any of the following genre : Crime Drama , Drama , Action , Horror , thriller , comedy , and psycological.
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    Looking for unproduced action script

    I am looking for an unproduced action screenplay. I can not pay for this. I was thinking that a writer that either wrote a script a long time ago that was just lying around or an young writer thats never had a produced screenplay would be willing to give it to me. The writer would still be given...
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    Should I use digital or film

    Hi I'm sorta new to this thing here. I am ready , mentally that is , to shoot my first feature , but as far as equipment go's would I be better off to find a 16mm film camera and shoot it that way or film digitally. Which would be cheaper? I have a way if I have too shoot on film to record the...
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    Looking for feedback on a short horror/zombie film script.

    Hi this is the first horror film I've ever written. Its about thirty pages long. any feed back would be much apprecitated. ext.battlefield-night We see a disaster site of destruction. We see Army uniforms on the ground that were worn buy SOLDIERS , but their are no bodies in the uniforms...
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    Editing on two vcr's

    I'm sure we've all done this before. So did anyone else find that method to be very aggravating?
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    a good dv cam?

    What is a good dv. cam that i could use to film shorts with that is four hundred dollars or below.
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    How do u submit ur short films to film fest?

    I have just finished filming a short and am ready to start editing. Do film fest allow u to submit ur films in on a dvd?
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    How do u send ur film to a film fest?

    I am a director who has just finished filming his first short and is about to start filming another. Do film fest allow you to send your films in on dvd.