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    1st Time Producer looking to produce a script.

    Wuz up screenwritiers. My name is Kelvin. I am a producer/director and I am looking for a script to produce. If you have a script it can be a short or full feature film I might be interested in getting your script on the screen. I am a up incoming film pproducer. I have a few projects to work on...
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    New Director on the Set

    Hey wuz up all. I am SpecialK. I have a question. I have worked n many film sets, but right now I am going to film my OWN short films this summer in Miami. This will be my FIRST movie that I directed. I will be seeing if any of the shorts will be accepted in any film festivals. Do you think this...
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    New Talented Filmmaker

    Wuz up to all of the filmmakers out there. My name is Kelvin and I am a beginning director/producer. I just wanted to say hello and meet new film lovers out there. If you want to chat hit me up. I am from South Florida the Sunshine State.