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    720p on DVD

    Well I guess I'll just answer myself, maybe it will help someone. I had to buy a upscaling DVD player compatible with DivX content, looks like the only way to produce HD content on a regular DVD. You won't loose (or almost not) any quality when you export a 720p project to the DivX format. Then...
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    720p on DVD

    I just started to work with HD format and I'm a little confused. I need to produce a loop video for the reception's TV in my office. The TV has a resolution of 720p max. The video is only made with Photoshop drawing. I put the size of the Photoshop document in 720px height and 1280px width (that...
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    Sony's HDRFX1

    I'm looking for a new video cam around 5000 (canadian)$. I want to buy the new Sony HDR-FX1 but what I read from the reviews is that the biggest negative point is the sound (cause there is no XLR input). Is it really a considerable issue or is it possible to capture quality audio with the input...