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    Seeking Tips on Co-writing a Screenplay

    Those are good tips -- thank you! I've been doing some research on programs that might help us stay organized and in touch even if we're not in the same room, and this article was helpful in laying out some options...
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    As Seen on TV: Austin - Web Series

    This looks super cool. I flagged it and will try to get to it as soon as my exam period is over
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    Film Directors Role

    No I haven't, but I wish I had. I haven't written any pieces on films or directors outside of college essays yet, unfortunately, but I'd love to freelance sometime :)
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    Seeking Tips on Co-writing a Screenplay

    Hi everyone, I'm a college student slowly getting into screenplays. I've written a few of my own by myself, but two friends and I are thinking about writing one together. Problem is, I have no idea how to go about that. I'm guessing the process is a lot different when there are three people...
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    Film Directors Role

    One of my favorite directors (which you all might have guessed) is Wes Anderson. I like what you said about the director being the author of the movie, Kim. Here's an interview about Wes Anderson that gives some details about his process as "author"...
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    Education or Experience?

    That's what my college advisor keeps telling me, too -- networking is key, even if it can seem a little slimey sometimes. The right connection can determine if you make it or not, so talking to your professors and interning is super important
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    HQ Music for your Project Needed? - Composer for Hire

    Just had a chance to check out your website -- I agree, it's set up really well. Super informative, and the music on your Soundcloud and YouTube channel is great too. I'm just starting out in the film world but I'll keep your music in mind
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    Rachel Avonne, "Louisiana Sunday Afternoon" with Mike Nicosia and James Giononni

    This is beautiful -- thanks for sharing, jodymichelle. It's always nice to hear a bit of jazz at the beginning of the week...
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    Meeting with a Manager or Agent

    Just now seeing this and getting to watch it. Thanks for sharing, wesvital!
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    Going to NAB in Vegas

    Wow that's great, thanks so much! I'll check out those links and then try to get a free pass
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    The Growth of Branded Video and Opportunity of Work

    Seconding this! I'd actually really like to know more about branded video
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    Going to NAB in Vegas

    I've never been, but I'd like to go. Do I need a ticket, and if so, are they still available?