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    online TV comedy writing class (8 weeks)

    I wrote TV spec scripts that got me into the NBC Writers on the Verge program, and the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship. I'll take you through the same process that I use, and share some of the valuable things I've learned from both NBC and Nickelodeon. The class will be conducted over group video...
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    my short film blog

    so i'm using frameforge to create digital storyboards for my film.
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    my short film blog

    the budget for my current short is $2500. i'm trying to raise money through indiegogo! one of the perks i'm offering is script reviews. check it out!
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    my short film blog

    thanks for the suggestion kim! here are some screenshots from an episode of parks and rec, which my DP matt valentine shot!
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    Transitioning From Doing Shorts Into Doing Feature-Lengths

    i agree, writing films for fun and profit is a good book, but more about the business side of writing. save the cat is a book that a lot of people like. he suggests breaking down a feature into about 40 scenes.
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    my short film blog

    wow, so it's been almost 2 years since i last posted, but i'm starting another short film!
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    my short film blog

    I'm one of the winners of the 2010 Duke City Shootout, and I'll be starting production on my short film in a couple days! Check out my blog if you have time. Thanks!
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    question about using a photograph of a celebrity in a film

    thanks for the info. what if i use a picture that either someone else took or from a movie, and then i alter it in photoshop and make it part of a graphic design? it would not look like the original photo but the celebrity would clearly be recognizable. do you think i would still need those...
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    question about using a photograph of a celebrity in a film

    i'm making a short film and i have an image of bill cosby and an image of bruce lee shown. their names aren't mentioned but the photos are props, and not part of the background. can i use those images or do i need a release of some kind? if anyone has an answer, thanks.
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    watch my action comedy short - martial artsy

    i shot it with the panasonic hvx200 over a weekend. hope you like it.
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    what video camera is best?

    if you're doing documentary, the hvx200 probably wouldn't work due to the p2 card issue. have you looked into the canon xh-a1? another one to consider may be the sony v1u. good luck.
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    Writer´s Block, or simply Laziness?

    there are many things you can do if you're stuck. skip to the next scene, make sure your structure works in the outline (if you have an outline, that is. if you don't, that might be why you're stuck - because you don't know where the story is going), do character studies, etc. also, just...
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    The best camera? Tough question..

    check out for lots of reviews. maybe you could find an older 3 chip camera, like a gl1, a vx1000, or a pd100, but i think you'd still need more than $300.
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    how to convert a flash animation(swf) for dvd

    there's a great book on flash animation called "hollywood 2d digital animation." there's a part that covers preparing flash files for output to tv and dvd, widescreen aspect ratio, etc. good info for next time.
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    How do you get your movies seen?

    one issue my be length. 20 minutes is long for a short. i think 10 minutes tops. 5 for internet. submit to festivals. submit to post on youtube. if it's good, people will see it.