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    Editing programs

    I downloaded Windows Movie Maker for free. It is very basic, but this is not necesarily a bad thing if you are new to it all and it didn't cost a cent which is also good. It may be good to use UNTIL you are ready to pay big bucks for the more expensive programs.
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    Do I suck at names

    I seem to always turn to footballers when it comes to surnames. There are some good, weird names amongst sports people and there's plenty to choose from. Other time I use friends, family, or names from strangers in the newspaper. Sometimes they just come to you.
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    My new comedy idea

    This monk character reminds me a little of Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja. Sounds good, keep at it.
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    I came across this site a long while ago, It's free to use and is pretty easy to get the hang of. I personally don't use it though, because it does seem to slow down my writing, and also because I don't know how safe my scripts are from being 'poached.' Feel free to check it...
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    Making a game into a film. Tips on contacting?

    Just out of curiousity:what is the game you want to turn into a film?
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    I have returned...

    Hey, I have not been at this site for quite a while as my computer has been experiencing some problems. It's all fixed now and it's great to be back amongst so many individuals who share the passion for film. I look forward to posting again.
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    The Future is here...

    A director of the future? I had to go with Peter Jackson. Film is becoming more and more about who can do what on a computer, and Jackson is leading this field. Not that he doesnt have the ability to tell a great story too, but it was his CGI work on LOTR that got him my vote.
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    ending the story

    Thanks for the help. My brain took all your suggestions in.
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    I wasn't aware there was a "correct" layout. Couldn't you just place cameras wherever you feel you need them. You would want to cover as much of the battle as you can though. Closeups of your stars, long shots of the whole thing, midshots, etc. Just make sure very bit you want in the film gets...
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    ending the story

    Perhaps I should've given more detail. The two brothers were both wealthy and had an agreement that they would leave all their money to each other if one of them died. But one brother changed his mind and decided to give his money to his future wife. Before he got a chance to change his will...
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    make up on a corpse

    Anyone got any tips on doing the makeup for a corpse. I want it to really shock the audience when they see it.
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    ending the story

    I've almost finished writing a screenplay for a short film about a man who is being haunted by the ghost of his brother, whom he killed a year ago to claim on the will. I'm having trouble with the ending though. Any suggestion on how to wrap it up?
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    Do I suck at names

    Yeah. Several times I've changed a characters name halfway through a script.
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    Thanks for the help. I'm checking out that website right now.
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    How long should a script be for a short film?

    Yeah 3 pages is definetly enough. There is no minimum or maximum just so long as yuo tell your story.