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    ANIMATORS wanted for Film Anthology

    Our independent film & television company is seeking animators for our new experimental anthology. Based on several short stories involving the same main character and narrator, we wish to have each story animated by a different artist, with the only thread being the likeness of the main...
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    Taking it From the Streets-a badass short film

    It can be scary to pull the curtain open and see the dirty business of used furniture and the plight of a pizza delivery driver.
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    Taking it From the Streets-a badass short film

    In the latest episode of Larry & Burt's Gut Rot, the men spark an international turf war on the streets.
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    Gut Rot makes Talking Poo

    See it for yourself in our new short!
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    The Animated Sperm Episode

    “The brothers Butler return with a sense of humour that, like a dirty martini, is bone dry, liable to kick your teeth in, and generously dosed with comical vulgarity.”-Frederik Sisa, Front Page Online LARRY & BURT'S GUT ROT - EPISODE 3
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    Pizza Commercial Parodies

    Check out our 45 second parody spots for Pizza Delivery:
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    I am Glad Hurt Locker Got the Award

    Hurt Locker was very deserving. What Bigelow did was very difficult, to hold such intensity for the duration of the film is very impressive, many directors have trouble keeping tension for over a minute. After that film my mouth was dry, my adrenalin pumping, and body was even a little stiff...
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    The Animated Sperm Episode

    I would love you all to check out the second episode of our web series LARRY & BURT'S GUT ROT. In this episode I got to fulfill a dream of mine and see what I would look like as an animated sperm. Feedback is most welcome!!