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    You wanna talk good VFX? This is on a budget.

    Yes, it took time to do it. And I cannot take any credit for any of the VFX. But this is serious low budget, and what you can do if you are really serious about it. I was just an armorer (all weapons), actor, and driver of the lead Hummer.
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    So.....I cut a new Acting Reel.

    Looking for input. I have been told do the Western stuff first, the other stuff, then the TV stuff. It does make sense to me......... Cutting it myself, and I am probably the worst person to do that. And the music needs to be replaced.
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    So.....I cut a new Acting Reel.

    Sure.........LOL. Never hurts.
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    So.....I cut a new Acting Reel.

    Still waiting on some other recent footage of me on a sci-fi (supporting), and another action film. Gonna break out Shake for a cool intro, once I figure it out. I have had it on my Mac for 2 years now, and never learned it.
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    So......New Moderator

    I want to thank Kim Welch for giving me the honor of being one of the moderators on That being said, I hope each and everyone of our valid and honored members would help us to keep this site relatively spam free and professional. Each of us needs to remember the film...
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    Going to be starting a blog here about a particualr project.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have just been picked up as Senior Producer on a documentary. You might say, "ehh, no biggie" and part of me agrees. But on the other hand, this is for the sequel/next chapter of an Oscar winning documentary. Once I have clearance, I will be showing you...
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    Getting wounds right.

    Note bleeding from orifices. Replicating small caliber gunshot wound to the head. and ecchymosis(bruising) in the soft tissues. This is strictly make-up I did on myself in prep for a shoot. The key to getting SFX make up right is understanding both the timeline and mechanism of injury. As...
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    Message left.

    Message left.
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    Air Mortars!!!!! More bang for the buck.

    Let's talk about Air Mortars! What is an air mortar? Well, an air mortar (aka air cannon, dust bomb, etc) is a means of "safely" recreating an explosion without needing pyrotechnics, which we all know is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! I have placed "safely" in quotes for a reason because you can be seriously...
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    Blood spray - "Pull String" method, advice/suggestions please!

    The rubber on the balloon is too tough for this application. The standard in this method of blood effects is a regular unlubricated condom. You will find it is much easier to get it to rip open. Once you fill it with your favorite fake blood (mine is Bottle of Blood).....super glue a washer...
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    So, who is Doc Bernard???????

    Well, everyone I work with calls me "Doc". It is rare that I get called by my given name, only my mother uses it. For all intent and purpose, Doc IS my first name. So, on the film-making side, allow me to re-introduce myself: 1. I am a SAGe and AFTRAe actor. Though I consider myself a...