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    simulating news in film

    What you could do for this would be a plain colored background with a man at a desk talking and film that put it on a disc and put it in the player of the tv and hit play.
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    red carpet set construction

    this is simple a good idea would be to build a big white wall behind the actors with fake companys written on it, and as dale mentioned shrubbery but not too much.
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    How do I create dust and spiderwebs?

    fullers earth for the dust and for the spiderwebs. research web shooter,alot of haunted house sites have them. but look for tutorials their pretty easy to build.
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    Bleeding on Cue

    little holes in photo and tubes running blood in just like bleeding portraits at haunts.
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    Movable Walls

    ask a local theatere, thats how they make the sets up so fast.
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    fullers earth, or sand mixed with flour( 2nd idea is a idea , could work or fail just a thought)
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    removing eyebrows thru makeup

    thats exactly what i said, bees wax is just non designed for makeup at all mostly chapped lips.
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    removing eyebrows thru makeup

    scar wax, that way removal wont hurt the actor 8)
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    Where to find axes like this?

    can it be real? if so just google medival axes and or fantasy axes.
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    Fake Weapons

    plastic bat, and just make sure you paint it nicely, look for the ones with the wood grain, their usually found really cheap at least under 10 bucks.
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    New Short: BLOOD AND WATER

    pretty cool, it seemed like the one girl didnt know her lines or her lines were just written without propper grammar rember it should sound like i wish theirs water for dad my mom in heaven and the army men, not dad and mom and armymen thats bad grammar! but it was cool just remember to have...
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    set design for talk show

    Most talk shows look like lounges like a desk for the host and a few chairs or couchs for geusts.
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    Set Design

    well theirs lots of stuff used to make sets, basically construction but sometimes alot more simplesied( like no need for insultaion foam hehe :lol: )
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    Set Design

    More info on what the set is please. :D
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    a bored fx artist needs help

    Im talking about low budget films!! and if you mean the origonal star wars it was good since it was so new for the time and it looked pretty good for being that old.