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    The Avengers Boy Band (Music Video Parody)

    I just finished putting this together. Enjoy and please feel free to lend me some comment or advice for next time!
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    IGN Presents: Things Gamers Say

    Hey guys! I got the chance to make a video at the IGN office based on the popular meme, and I would love to hear what you think about it, specifically the lighting and camera work! Shot with a 5D and 7D. Thanks!
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    Beautiful Beaches of San Francisco A beautiful look at the various beaches of San Francisco. SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE! -Shot entirely with the Canon 7D. -Edited in Avid Media Composer 5 -Visual...
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    We Won A Film Festival!!! - Best Video Idea Ever Tim Gettys and Alfredo Diaz have a video project due in less than a day. Will they come up with an idea and finish it in time!?!?! Best Short Feature winner at San Francisco State University's BECAfest Film Festival 2011. SUBSCRIBE TO...