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    Zombie Movie

    guts guts Ah, hadn't heard the story about the fridge. That would be awful.
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    Trying to get lit

    thanks thanks I'm going to try and avoid renting as I want to own the equipment. Thanks for even considering coming to the set.
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    Sun on camera outdoors

    pop out screen pop out screen It's the pop-out screen that I can't see - and yes, another filmmaker simply told me to make something out of cardboard, but wasn't sure how to do that. The umbrella worked; but thought that something professional was made to do this. Thanks.
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    Trying to get lit

    Shoot Location Shoot Location The shoot for Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant is in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, 15666; about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh - I assume about a four hour drive from the Philadelphia area. Company Web site is First film Web site is...
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    Trying to get lit

    I've read a lot of the posts here and am trying to put together over the next two weeks a basic lighting kit for a full-length DV project I'm shooting in June. Using a Canon GL-1. Just upgraded my sound with a boom mic kit; and I'm afraid to say that lighting -important as it is - has been last...
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    Free Storyboard software

    more choices more choices Here's more sites offering free downloads of storyboard software:
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    Free Storyboard software

    free storyboard software free storyboard software Here's one I just came upon, but have not yet tried it. But it's free.
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    Does anyone know of good film schools

    Chicago Chicago Look into Columbia College - Chicago - excellent program that pushes you right into the art.
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    How to Direct Non-Actors

    coupel of tips coupel of tips First, I like to talk to every actor - professional or not - and let them know I want them relaxed on the set and feeling comfortable. I remind them that it's a digital world, so we're never wasting film - we can always have another take. I try early on - instead...
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    Trick filmography

    old trick old trick Take one: shoot a designated scene with camera on a tripod with no one in the scene. Take two: shoot the same scene, now have your character walk into the scene. Place footage from take one in your editing software's Video 1. Place take two - and match lenth of scene -...
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    Jr in college needs advice Please!!!

    Canon GL-1 Canon GL-1 Had the same problem last year. I purchased the Canon GL-1. The GL-2 was new at the time and sold for $3,000. I found a second-hand GL-1 through a dealer in Boston who specialized in used equipment and paid $1,275 for mine. Excellent and am very happy with it. Shot my...
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    Help on buying first prosumer camera

    Canon GL-1 Canon GL-1 I was in the same position about a year ago. I ended up purchasing a Canon GL-1 from the used inventory from a Boston company. The GL-2s were going for about $3,000 new; and I paid $1,275 for the GL-1 and it's been great. I have a trailer at...
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    Zombie Movie

    the work is in the detail the work is in the detail As others have said, it's the detail in the script that's important. We have to have a basic sympathy or understanding of the characters or why this is happening. Especially maybe the group of survivors that effectively keeps their distance...
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    How to make good dialogue for a movie?

    dialogue check up dialogue check up Just a few points on dialogue. Remember that people talking in real situations typically don't talk in complete sentences. Listen to people talking without them realizing what you are doing. Read through your dialogue and see where you can chop. First...
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    Looking for screenplay to produce!

    dramedy style dramedy style <<a warm, touching, dramedy with enough "wit" to keep the audience interested.>> This is my screenwriting style. I have several available and all have been produced as stage plays in and around Chicago. One in particular, What A Novel Idea, I was considering as my...