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    Need Help. On playback, footage keeps breaking up.

    I am using a Sony HDR-FX7. I shot 1080i in 4:3 format. When I go to playback, the footage keeps stopping in mid stream, and the timecode does as well. It seemed to shoot fine, but I can not figure out why the timecode and film keep breaking up. The audio is doing the same. I put older footage...
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    cropping video in FCP

    I shot some video in HDV in widescreen mode 16:9. I need to crop into one of the clips so as to take away some unwanted area on the edges. How can I crop and have the image brought back into the full 19:9 proportion. I have cropped it, but it seems to just put a black edge around where I cropped...
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    BeachTek DXA-6vu and Sony HDR-FX7

    When I hook a boom mic with the XLR connection, will the connection automatically override the mic on the camera, so I can use the level controls on the DXA-6? Thanks, Robert