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    Question about inheritance

    Hello I need information about inheritance in America about a movie I write. Now a man is married to a woman, and this woman has nephews. When the woman dies, will the inheritance go to the husband only, or will her nephews have a share as well?
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    I have a problem, please help

    I will simplify it for you as follows: Vera (85) Her Husband John (40) sarah (30) she is the niece of Vera Sarah came to spend a vacation with her aunt, and her aunt had to travel a few days .. and John and Sarah stayed at home.. What is the dialogue and scenes that can be written between...
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    I have a problem, please help

    Is this a new story Kim ? 🤪 The man took advantage of his travel with his aunt to Switzerland to kill her there, and the girl does not know that her cousin will kill his aunt, as she is sitting at home with her aunt's husband until her aunt returns from traveling, but she surprised by her...
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    I have a problem, please help

    Hello .. I wrote a script for a feature film and left a gap for some scenes that I couldn't write :cry: I want your help and suggestions 🙏 To clarify .. The story talks about a young man who agreed with a friend to marry the wealthy old aunt until she dies, provided that he shares half of her...