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    hi :?: i am getting hold of a sony HDR FX1E hdvcam for a shoot and wanted o know from the forum abouts its views about the same camera.i havent tested it as yet ,but i have been told that recording sound is difficult with this camera .please advise. regards parri[/i]
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    new tv series

    thanks thanks dear mr.laszlo ofcourse i have read your books ...and thanks a lot for the advice..i have done a few tests and the series is on ..people here quite lilke the product. will stay in touch with you . thanks again regards parri
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    new tv series

    hi sir i am a DP from india and i had a few questions regarding a new show i am doing in a few days ... its a television series based on the film "the princess diaries"..a kind of ugly duckling story .. i am shooting in beta and wanted to knwo how to make it look like film ...also the...