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    Professional Composer Available

    Hi There, My name is Owain Hoskins. I am a British composer who has been writing music for 7 years. I have worked on different projects and I am always looking for new films/projects to add to my portfolio. I have worked with different directors in different styles. Examples of my work can be...
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    Composer Available

    My name is Owain Hoskins and I am looking for new short films to add to my show reel. I have already scored for several short films and my music has been used on art projects and audio books as well. Please have a listen to my music here: or...
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    Composer Looking To Boost Portfolio

    Hey guys I am a young composer who has recently finished his first short film and I am now looking for future projects, paid/unpaid. I have tracks uploaded to soundcloud: so If anybody would like to work with me please e-mail me at: or...
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    Young, Aspiring Composer

    Hey guys, I am a young music composer from Solihull in the UK. I have composed for various project but I am looking to branch out into trailers and films. I have tracks uploaded to soundcloud and if you could have a listen and give me some feedback that would be great...